Former Horatia and Leamington Houses residents

Horatia and Leamington houses

What we asked

Please tell us how you would like us to improve the area around Horatia and Leamington Houses after the tower blocks are taken down.

Door knocking


households who used to live in the Horatia and Leamington blocks, had their doors knocked, wherever they had moved to, in Portsmouth or Havant. We also posted them all the letter and feedback form.

Response rate


former Horatia and Leamington residents gave us their full feedback face-to-face.

How we listened

  • Public open drop-in session 0%
  • Door knock 82%
  • Post 0%
  • Email 0%
  • Phone call 2%
  • Online 0%
  • Meeting 9%
  • Resident consortium 2%
  • School enterprise fair 5%

What people said

Appropriate homes 47
Improve area 29
Max green space 12
Vulnerable residents 9
No student accommodation 5
Other 5
Parking 2

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Detailed results

Category Response Number
Appropriate homes
Improve quality of housing 15
Low rise 10
More homes 6
No tower blocks 6
Build towers 4
Build medium rise 2
Build houses 2
Better design 2
Improve area
Wider estate regeneration 21
Range of housing 5
Improve community safety 1
More retail 1
Build mixed tenure 1
Max green space
Green space 6
Space for children 3
Improve leisure offer 1
Garden 1
Community garden/farm 1
Vulnerable residents
Disabled access 4
Low rents 3
Sheltered housing 1
Homeless shelter 1
No student accommodation
No more student accommodation 5
Love Somerstown 4
Wants to move 1
More parking 2