Key partner organisations

Here is what our partner organisations told us in their own words.

Photograph of Polly Honeychurch

I would like to see as much demolished as possible and a full plan in place for regeneration. I’d like to see medium rise, rather than high rise housing. Underground parking would really help.

Polly Honeychurch
Headteacher, Cottage Grove Primary School

Read Cottage Grove Primary School’s Year 6 Regeneration Project

Polly also gave us a consultation stall at the school’s enterprise fair and invited us to brief all teachers and support staff at a full staff meeting.

Mark Masters photo

The well-being of the community must be paramount in terms of the architectural and landscaping improvements. I want them to look out of their windows and feel joy.

Mark Masters
Principal, Ark Charter Academy

Mark arranged for 30 pupils and staff members to send us full feedback by post

Sandy Thomson photo

We would always go for sprinklers. Above 30m you must have sprinklers and between six floors and 18 floors we would look to consider sprinklers. Access and water supplies are very important as are turning areas for vehicles and emergency access routes so we can have 360 degree access with hardstanding.

Sandy Thomson
Group Commander, Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service

Sandy came to our public open drop-in session at Somerstown Central

Fiona Bell photo

The University of Portsmouth would like to see enhanced public realm within any development of this area including high quality materials. It’s important that there is the provision of good quality green space in this part of the city for the local community. It’s also important that pedestrian and cycle routes are given priority and the development is not car centric as currently exists.

Fiona Bell
Director of Estates, University of Portsmouth

Chief Inspector Marcus Cator photo

A few considerations from my perspective of working in high rise buildings over the past 19 years in my roles: parking – the old premises had little consideration of the growth of population. When considering planning, please can we factor in two cars per home and suitable parking, around and under the buildings. Access for emergency services, with allocated parking/access and egress on site plus within the local roads. Crime prevention planning around CCTV, Access to and from the building, the surrounding
roads, the wider community, on each landing of the premises, within stairwells and within lifts. Doors – to be easily secured and robust in the impact of their use. All communal areas under CCTV within the building. Green areas for young persons and others to gather – to include facilities to engage the youth communities. Park/climbing/gathering points for socialisation. Communal lounge – similar to student union facilities – with a budget moving forward for maintenance and repairs, but provided with facilities on site to provide entertainment to the residents with controlled/permitted access. Outbuildings with good security and access. Theft from sheds and burglaries from sheds is a key issue. Theft of cycles is massive – small cycle shed / storage outside the entrance of each flat/accommodation on each floor with facilities for security – electricity and charging of relevant vehicles, but close to the owners flat/accommodation and easy to monitor under communal CCTV. Lighting – ample of clear space with good lighting in the approach to doors and exits. Consideration of access to all extremities of the building in the case of emergencies. Consideration for access in emergencies for entrance to the block. Consideration for getting a stretcher in and too each premises with ease, for injured persons or removal of deceased. Lifts on site to be storage size, ample capacity, to enable a full bed etc in for patient transport, ambulance and other access. Waste management and refuse bins – fireproof and unavailable without permitted access. Excessive lighting in stairwells to discourage sleepers and poor behaviour. Site managers with overnight capability.
Housing officer within the block staffed and available at key times. Consideration for cycle routes to and from the premises into town to encourage transport without cars, and to consider wide enough paths for Motability access with pedestrian and other.

Inspector Marcus Cator
Hampshire Constabulary

Marcus also arranged for us to speak face-to-face with the other two levels of policing in Portsmouth: Sergeant Dean Juster and Constable Kate Hollis

Anne H-Chapman photo

The demolition of the two tower blocks is an exciting opportunity to, not only replace housing, but also to consciously respond to the wider needs of our community through an expanded regeneration of the local area. We are passionate about, and committed to, this community and, if we can all work together to proactively improve the area and alleviate some of the barriers and issues our families face through this project, then we can only strengthen outcomes and impact for our young people and families.

Anne H-Chapman
Headteacher, Ark Ayrton Primary Academy

Anne arranged for 18 staff members and 35 pupils to email us full feedback

Chris Green photo

The area around Somerstown Central has been improved enormously by the introduction of additional community facilities, housing and play parks. Extend the area of regeneration around Horatia and Leamington to make a significant improvement to people’s lives. We – Portsmouth Churches Housing Association are the landlords. We provide a 14 bedroom hostel for homeless families in the locality. We need play space for children and trees. Tower blocks are fine. The whole area is tired, it should all be re-thought.

Chris Green
Holding Manager, St Pauls House Homeless Link

Chris came to our public open drop-in session at Somerstown Central. We also door knocked his facility and spoke to staff and service users

What we asked

Please tell us how you would like us to improve the area around Horatia and Leamington Houses after the tower blocks are taken down.

How we listened

  • Public open drop-in session 62%
  • Door knock 0%
  • Post 0%
  • Email 25%
  • Phone call 0%
  • Online 0%
  • Meeting 0%
  • Resident consortium 0%
  • School enterprise fair 13%

What people said

Max green space 9
Appropriate homes 7
Improve area 7
Vulnerable residents 3
Parking 2
No student accommodation 1
Other 0

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Detailed results

Category Response Number
Max green space
Space for children 4
Improve leisure offer 3
Green space 2
Appropriate homes
More home 2
Fire safety 1
No tower blocks 1
Build medium rise 1
Build towers 1
Better design 1
Improve area
Improve community safety 3
Wider estate regeneration 3
Housing for younger people 1
Vulnerable residents
Disabled access 2
Homeless shelter 1
More parking 2
No student accommodation
No more student accommodation 1