Local businesses

Horatia and Leamington houses

What we asked

Please tell us how you would like us to improve the area around Horatia and Leamington Houses after the tower blocks are taken down.

Businesses that responded

  • Whites Motors, St Paul’s Road
  • Andre’s Food Bar, Lord Montgomery Way
  • Greggs, Lord Montgomery Way
  • Hotel Ibis, Winston Churchill Ave
  • Co-op, Trafalgar House, Winston Churchill Ave
  • Safety Air Services Ltd., Middle Street
  • Data Lab, Middle Street
  • Premier Convenience Store, St James‘s Road
  • Community Cycle Hub, Winston Churchill Ave

Other business we approached

  • Webbies newsagent, St Paul’s Road
  • St Paul’s Gym, St Paul’s Road
  • Leilamezze restaurant, St Paul’s Road
  • HB bar, St Paul’s Road
  • One One Three restaurant, Lord Montgomery Way
  • Innovation Space, Hampshire Terrace
  • Hardysalon, Lord Montgomery Way
  • Hideout Coffee, Lord Montgomery Way
  • Subway, Lord Montgomery Way
  • Mail Boxes Etc., Lord Montgomery Way
  • Wrap and Roll, Lord Montgomery Way
  • University House, Winston Churchill Ave
  • Eldon Building, University of Portsmouth
  • Outside-In Food Court, Middle Street

Other business we approached

  • Sunrise Stained Glass, Middle Street
  • Raven pub, Bedford Street
  • Gibson Centre, Sackville Street
  • Eldon Arms, Eldon Street
  • King Street Tavern, King Street
  • Esso garage, Green Road
  • Barber Shop, St James’s Road
  • Co-op, St James‘s Road
  • Citizens Advice Bureau, Winston Churchill Avenue
  • KS General Store, Somers Road
  • El Baraka, Halal meat and veg, Somers Road
  • Somers Town Cash and Carry, Somers Road
  • Summers Fish and Chips, Somers Road
  • Somers Town Grocery, Somers Road

How we listened

  • Public open drop-in session 0%
  • Door knock 33%
  • Post 0%
  • Email 67%
  • Phone call 0%
  • Online %
  • Meeting 0%
  • Resident consortium 0%
  • School enterprise fair 0%