Portsmouth residents

Horatia and Leamington houses

What we asked

Please tell us how you would like us to improve the area around Horatia and Leamington Houses after the tower blocks are taken down.

Dedicated web page


Portsmouth residents left their feedback on a dedicated H&L engagement web page with comments enabled. This is the most online comments PCC has recorded on a single web page. This dedicated feedback web page was linked to from the existing H&L info web page with a ‘Tell us what you think’ button.

Media coverage

Promoted to all Portsmouth residents through all of the following local media and PCC corporate social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • The News
  • Shaping Portsmouth website
  • Wave 105.2FM
  • BBC Radio Solent
  • Portsmouth City Council website

Your city, your say


people were sent an email via the Citizens Panel e-distribution list. The email was opened by 549 people and clicks through to the H&L website totalled

How we listened

  • Public open drop-in session 2%
  • Door knock 2%
  • Post 0%
  • Email 2%
  • Phone call 0%
  • Online 89%
  • Meeting 1%
  • Resident consortium 0%
  • School enterprise fair 4%

What people said

Max green space 126
Appropriate homes 89
Improve area 67
Vulnerable residents 30
Parking 17
No student accommodation 2
Other 1

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Detailed results

Category Response Number
Max green space
Green space 54
Space for children 29
Improve leisure offer 26
Community garden/farm 9
Garden 8
Appropriate homes
Low rise 20
Environmentally friendly 15
Build houses 11
Better design 11
Build towers 10
Improve quality of housing 6
More home 4
Fire safety 4
No tower blocks 4
Build medium rise 4
Improve area
Improve community safety 24
Wider estate regeneration 19
More retail 9
Housing for younger people 6
Range of housing 6
Build mixed tenure 3
Vulnerable residents
Low rents 15
Sheltered housing 7
Disabled access 6
Homeless shelter 2
More parking 17
No student accommodation
No more student accommodation 2
Love Somerstown 1